The land of Braj invokes the image of Lord Krishna playing His flute in a forest wearing garland of flowers, surrounded by wild animals like deer, peacocks, geese, parakeets, monkeys and bees.


This Braj, or Vraja-mandala is approximately 270 kilometers in diameter, covering an area of 3,800 sq km, forming part of the vana-yatra or parikrama route. As the devotees visit the enchanting sacred places amongst the twelve forests, rivers, hills and groves, they remember and experience the nectar of the Lord’s transcendental pastimes. This divine abode has eroded over the years, buried slowly, under concrete. Only few jewels of the holy spaces of nature remain of the original.

Project Vanamali is our humble endeavor to re-grow selected parts of Lord Krishna’s original gardens by replanting the native flora according to their natural design in density and variety. We believe these spaces are temples in themselves and it is of utmost importance to restore them to their past glory.