“As they approach me, so I receive them.

All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

Welcome to Vanamali

The land of Braj invokes the image of Lord Krishna playing His flute in a forest wearing garland of flowers, surrounded by wild animals such as deer, peacocks, geese, parakeets, monkeys and bees.

Braj, or Vraja-mandala cover an area of 3,800 sq km located within a 270 km diameter. It forms part of the Vana-yatra or Parikrama route in this area. As devotees visit the enchanting sacred places amongst the twelve forests, rivers, hills and groves, they remember and experience the nectar of the Lord’s transcendental pastimes. Vanamali is the name chosen by our team to remind us of Lord Krishna and to approach this work as gardeners growing forests.

Vanamali endeavors to bring back the fast disappearing native flora of braj and make them available for plantations and restoration projects in this sacred land that has eroded over the years, it is these native flora and the fauna which depend on these plants that are the true essence of Braj. These forests should not become a fading memory or just a figment of imagination buried under concrete, nor should exotic plants, manicured gardens and parks replace the beauty of forests. We hope that in few years to come we will share the joy of creating a space that will remind you all, of His pastimes. These spaces are temples in themselves and it is of utmost importance to restore them to their past glory.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor.


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