About Us

Vanamali is the name chosen by our team as it is the name of Lord Krishna and as a reminder to approach this work as gardeners growing forests.

Vanamali endeavors to bring back the fast disappearing native flora of Braj and make them available for plantations and restoration projects in this sacred land, it is these flora and the fauna which depend on them that are the true essence of Braj. These forests should not become a fading memory or just a figment of imagination buried under concrete, nor should exotic plants and manicured gardens and parks replace the beauty of forests. We hope that in few years to come we will share the joy of a space that will remind you of His pastimes.

We consider it as a blessing and are grateful to Mataji gaushala for their immense support and for this opportunity to begin our first project in Braj. The building of the nursery at Barsana and planting on the hill have been a very fulfilling experience. Slowly help is trickling in to keep this project going, the largest support comes from the encouragement of devotees of the Divine couple who constantly remind us of our good fortune, which is perhaps the most motivating factor for the team members. We have done very well for a project that’s hardly a year old. We have established a nursery of more than 40 species of native trees, shrubs, climbers and grasses. We are doing very well for a project that started in 2010.