The most coveted space to plant is at the feet of Giriraj. A blessing indeed that 50 braj saplings were planted here on the eve of Gurupurnima with the support of Forest Department of UP and CISF Deputy Commander Abhishekji , the occasion was graced by Shri Shailjakant Mishra of UPBVTP.

We planted Dhau, Arni, Gatbor, palash, Doodhi, Kulu , Barna, Kosum, Pehi, Khejdi, Jhinjheri, Chamrod, Goondi, Jaal and Roheda.

We had tree guards sponsored in memory of loved ones for protection of these saplings.



Plantation at Govardhan Hill


Vrinda Kund

Vrinda Kund is adjacent to the temple of Vrinda Devi, a kilometer from Nandgaon. Vrinda Devi is the deity for the forests of Vrindavan, she also takes care of all the flora and fauna of these forests, it is she who plans the meeting places for the past times of Radharani and Lord Krishna.

It is therefore a very important space for us to plant as part of our project Vanamali. We are very grateful for this opportunity and have planted Adusa, Barna, Kergenilia, kadamb, jharber, Palash and shatavari here.