Core Team

Padmavati Dwivedi

Padmavati Dwivedi has done Masters in Social work from Andhra University, after a brief stint as a human resource professional, she has been actively engaged in protection of urban trees for more than a decade making her a prominent tree warrior in the capital. She has worked with Chandigarh Police on the Green Police project and works as a Consultant with WWF-India leading tree walks. Padmavati is Project-Director for the ecological restoration project in Barsana, India. Padmavati works in an international ESG firm as Advisor- Operations to guide their future Conservation works involving plantations and nature connect.



Mohit Saini

Mohit is an Engineer by education, an IIT-BHU alumnus, and a nature lover at heart. He has worked in the IT industry in different companies and geographies for 19 years and has now voluntarily retired to pursue his interests. In 2015, along with other members, he started a non-profit organisation Hara Jeevan, which works for the environment, a vehicle to Give-Back to our Mother Earth. Its main areas are native tree plantation, municipality solid waste management, composting and spreading awareness for environmental issues. His other interests involve overall well being – physical, mental & spiritual health, spending time with family, travelling and personal wealth management.



Vishnu Tattva

Vishnu tattva is supporting Vanamali in researching on sacred groves and native flora. He belongs to an eminent family of Mahabharat kul in Vrindavan, He is doing Masters in Sanskrit from Delhi University and working with Vrindavan research institute.

He has done research on braj 84 kros, poetry of midival poets of braj, Braj bhakti vilasa, mansuscriptology, vedic literature, and translation of many different scriptures. Vishnu Tattva is well versed in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Brajbhasha and Brajbuli languages. He is currently based in Delhi and travelling around India to do survey on devotional places.